Buon Giorno

A European café where artisan coffee is roasted, brewed, and savored; conversation is celebrated, and the culture is steeped in authentic hospitality.


Culture rooted in the desire to serve

At Buon Giorno we are motivated by three essentials: our lifelong admiration of Europe’s “slow” culture, dedication to excellence, and a deep desire to offer authentic hospitality. Our hope is that this is evident not only in our artisan coffee, but also saturated in the environment of our  coffeehouses. It's around this ethos we have forged lasting community.  

We also offer our wider audience in the US and beyond the chance to savor freshly roasted coffee, offered in 12 oz parcels and roasted here in Grapevine, TX.

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Live From the Journal

New Coffees From Africa and Asia

I have spent quite a bit of time recently sample roasting some new coffees.  Of the 10 coffees I have tried, there are 2 that stand out and I am excited to have introduced both to our selection this week.  The Lahamenegu from Papua New Guinea is a bright fruit...

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